I’ve Spent More Time Than Is Strictly Healthy Clicking Through Old Jane’s Phone Posts Lately

Care to join me? PLUS a new reason to procrastinate on the Internet, every day in December!

You know those Fridays when it’s been a long week and you’re a little bit more hungover than is seemly for work? No, just me? Tumbleweed?

Erm ok, lets move on.

You know when your brain’s fried, and you know you need to be doing something productive with your time but you can’t stop clicking, slack-jawed through Tumblr? Or when you should do some really boring, but easy-to-put-off admin and start tidying your desk instead as a distraction technique?

Every time that’s happened to me recently (which, ahem, is NEVER – Hi Jane!), I’ve found myself drawn the Jane’s Phone archive, like a moth to a Michael Stipe-shaped flame.

In the last few months I’ve spend more time procrastinating by clicking on old Jane’s Phone posts than I ever do hanging out on Facebook or YouTube. Which means, technically, it’s work, which means, technically, I’m A Very Virtuous Person.

It also means that every day’s a school day. For example, I now know how to get super-glowy, amazing skin, using Jane’s $39 magic formula (not technically from Jane's Phone, but amazing and useful, nonetheless).

I know what Michael Stipe looks like when he's dressed like a hot dog:

I know how to negotiate a room full of possible celebs that I don’t quite recognise. I know what sometimes happens in Jane Pratt’s dreams (this is a personal favourite – last night I dreamt that myself and a guy I used to fancy at uni left together to go and join the Doctor on the TARDIS, which was much less exciting).

ANYWAY – because it’s nearly Christmas, which means we should all be spending more time procrastinating on the internet and less time working than usual, I’m going to wheel out a brand spanking new post every day for the rest of December. It’s a virtual advent calendar, if you will.*

Except that I’m starting on the 5th of December, which…actually strikes me as perfectly in keeping with the general vibe of the site.

ARE YOU EXCITED YET? First one to follow at 5pm today...

*I nearly referred to it as a calorie-free advent calendar, but then was nearly a bit sick in my mouth, so decided against it.