This Weekend Open Thread Is A Confessional Booth, A Therapist, A Best Friend & Whatever Else You Want It To Be

Isn't sexual tension just the best?
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January 17, 2014
open thread, weekend open thread

Welcome to another xoJane Weekend Open Thread! I know I'll be in here about 22 times over my long weekend (which will take place mostly at home with dogs (Balloon and Lemon) and kid (Charlotte).

Last week in this post, you made my day when you said you were using this comments section as a confessional booth. Where else can you be (mostly) anonymous (if you want), PLUS know you're getting advice and feedback from some of the best feedback-and-advice-givers on the whole internet? Or the people who just want to console you if you need it or celebrate with you if you want it?

So let's get to your thoughts and stories. Some ideas, if you're feeling uninspired: How do you feel about the Justice Department expanding its definition of racial profiling? LeBron James' note to his mom on the Shriver Report? At-home gel manicure kits? The calendar in the latest iOs-whatever update. (I can barely even look at it. What can you barely stand to look at?) Did you experience any sexual tension this week? I'd love to hear about that, too. Isn't it just the best?

What's going on with you?