A Lovely, Shiny Open Thread Served On A (Figurative) Silver Platter

This is the place to get up on your soapbox or try out that iffy new joke.
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November 1, 2013
open thread

Happy Friday to you, and welcome to your Open Thread. This is the #1 spot on xoJane to talk (or ask or joke or preach) about whatever you want -- don't you forget it. To get it started, I will choose something from this photo above to talk about: I am pretty sick of looking at the pink wall in my office, so what color to paint an accent wall could potentially be worth discussing here. Or not. We can also talk about my shirt in the photo above, and how I actually hate it and was sort of wearing it as joke. Do you wear clothes that you hate because you're too lazy to do anything else?

Also, I'd love to know if you're celebrating Halloween this weekend or if you already did last weekend. What was your costume? Thanks for sharing always and keep being your wonderful selves.