It's The Weekend, So Here's Your OPEN THREAD!

It's official -- we'll meet here at 6pm every Friday to talk about Things.
Publish date:
May 3, 2013

Welcome to the third official xoJane Friday Night Open Thread! Based on your always-interesting advice, I decided to make this very open Open Thread a weekly thing, while we are publishing more focused, topical open threads daily, as you might have noticed. (I am listening also to your idea of doing two separate weekly super-open ones, one on Fridays AND one on Saturdays, and will try that for you next week when ideally I will have my glasses and won't be straining so much to type this. Okay!)

So I will now butt out and let you talk to each other here in the way you do so astoundingly well.

What's on your minds? What are you doing? Introduce yourselves. How's your xoJaners meet-up planning going? Whatever you like. Annnnnnnd go.