Jane Pratt, Worst Mom In The World: Monopoly Edition

Publish date:
January 22, 2012

I'm playing Monopoly with my daughter and some 9-10-year-old friends. They want to keep putting money in the middle for "charity." What?! Is this some new trend? Then how does the game even work? You are there to amass money at the expense of others, kids!

Full disclosure: I did give money to the kids yesterday to give to a homeless man in the park on our way to ice skating. My daughter questioned why I said I love you to him, but I think she is getting used to the fact that I say these terms of endearment all willy-nilly and I do love everyone. Plus, he said it first and that slays me every time.

I do have to admit that I find it funny that when we are playing the game LIFE (you remember that one?), the point is to die with the most money. And when we are playing that game, I encourage the girls to weigh the pros and cons of marrying a pink (female) piece as opposed to a blue (duh, male) one when that part of the game comes along. I mean, really, who do you want to be stuck in that car with for the rest of that winding road? Think it through, girls.

Happy GREEDY Sunday, my friends!

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