Me In 140 Characters Or Less: @JanePratt. (Plus Free Stuff! Problems Solved!)

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January 11, 2012
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You may know I tweet from @xojanedotcom, but sometimes it's not me... sometimes it's our editorial assistant/social media gal Madeline, sometimes it's another editor. It can get confusing. Before I started this job, I actually tried to maintain a personal and a work email, plus two separate phones: one for work and one for personal calls, even work vs non-work hours and DAYS, heaven forbid. The two phones part made me feel like a cheating spouse, which was kind of fun. But otherwise, it was a futile attempt to separate my work and personal lives.

The facts: I do nearly all of my longer-form writing hunched over a latop on my personal bed and there is just the one and only JANE'S PHONE (bugging you with regularity!). The line between my work life and my social life is so blurred that I can't see it. So why pretend. My new account @JanePratt will make it easier for you to reach out to me and know it's me (if, in fact, you care). And now for the really big reason for this change-o: I will no longer have to add "xo Jane" to the end of tweets, which has been my code for "this is me" but takes up seven whole valuable characters AND means that everything I tweet required that "xo", which is cheesey and not always warranted and sounds super passive-aggressive after I write something not-nice.

Please do keep following @xojanedotcom for xoJane info and behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Long story short, follow me @JanePratt:

Who would I be if I wasn't constantly trying to give away free stuff? Of the first 1000 people to follow me, I'll pick one of you to come hang out with us. You can pet my dog if you like dogs.You can pat my daughter's head if she lets you. I will try to convince her to rub your shoulders, creepy as that sounds. We will get lunch or drinks -- your choice, go shopping, go to a museum, or have a nice long talk at my apartment. You can also politely decline and pawn me off on one of your friends.

Three others of you will receive an xoJane care package complete with beauty goodies, fashion items, fun other etcetera. Finally, I'll pick 25 of you randomly to get an xoJane sticker and a personal note from me -- oh,what the hell, make it 30. I'll tweet the winners when we pick 'em. (For my 50,000 follower, I'm still dreaming up the sick electronic or fabulous trip we're going to give you.)

Finally, because I truly do live to help you out, I'll host an hour-ish long chat on Twitter where I'll be live-tweet-answering any and all questions regarding this first topic (of many): sex. This chat will be your chance to inundate me with questions about your sex life and mine and get my special brand of non-judgmental sex advice. Mention @JanePratt in your questions, and include #JaneHelp on Thursday January 19 from 1-2 pm EST. See you there!

By the way, do you separate your work and personal lives and if so, how in the hell do you do it?