I'm For Sale!

Let's talk about the fact that xoJane is up for grabs. Or anything you else you want to talk about in this open-hearted Open Thread.
Publish date:
November 14, 2014

Big News. The company that owns xoJane with me wants to sell us/you. What do you think? I've been through this many times before (Sassy was sold, I think, three times while I was there and Jane magazine was sold once) and it never stops being fun and exciting.

So I am scrapping my usual thought-provoking questions for you in favor of the following this week:

  • Do you want to buy us?
  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • When can your check clear?

Please ask me any questions you have about this impending change in the comments. Or tell me what you think of us doing a Kickstarter? (Emily's brilliant idea.)

You can also always go for the third option, which is to talk about whatever the hell you want (and the big news in your week), because this Open Thread is a swimming pool filled with your favorite flavor of Jell-O and I'm looking forward to jumping in it with you!