You Voted and I Took Your Advice - For The Most Part

There's nothing I won't do for readers: I went with your second favorite dress -- and even wore the shoes you wanted.
Publish date:
June 14, 2011
clothes, digitas conference, Paul Smith, digitas newfront

Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on what I should wear last Thursday. As I wrote, I was leading a panel for the Digitas NewFront conference and was feeling nervous so I was actually planning my outfit a day in advance.

While the majority of you voted for Outfit #2, I rebelled (and didn't have time to find the right belt -- though I tried to steal intern Samantha's) and opted for your second choice. However! I took heed of your request that I wear high heels, which is even more uncharacteristic of me than planning outfits in advance.

Here's the final outfit: a Paul Smith dress, a hand-me-down Michael Starrs sweater that Courteney sent me (and an extra thanks to Eric for his help!). I look a little uncomfortable in this pic. Eric told me to pose with my hands behind my back, so I tried it.