Jane Needs Help: Recovering My Old Sassys

Publish date:
May 18, 2011
sassy, jane needs help

Take what you want from my storage space, including a few Sassy first-bound editions, and earn $500!! This offer is totally for real. Qualifications: Trustworthiness. Sassy fan a plus in some ways. Apply here by stating why you will be trustworthy, even with all my personal journals in your possession.

See, I have never been organized about keeping copies of stuff I've worked on (not that organized with keeping receipts for taxes either, but I will save that discussion for another time), so I never kept all of my Sassy or Jane magazines in one place. But I know there are a whole ton of Sassys in this one storage space that I got about a decade ago when I moved quickly and threw everything in there. And it would be really helpful right now to have those old copies and to clear that stuff out of storage.

I will do it with you. Does anyone want to help out?