Jane Needs Help: I'm Sick

Should I blame my swollen glands, achiness, lethargy, fever and chills on That Guy Who Licked My Feet the other day?
Publish date:
June 1, 2011
illness, boundaries

I know that I can be considered sick in many ways, even though I of course don't see it that way. Well, now I mean it in the literal bodily sense. Over the weekend, I woke up nauseated, then had a fever yesterday and have been sleeping lots, like almost 8 hours last night after a little nap during the day (both of which are unheard of for me these days).I couldn't figure out why I was so tired on Friday. People at work kept asking me if I was happy or excited and I was, but clearly didn't look or sound it. My friend Cynthia, who is working on building bras with me (it's called Jane's Build-A-Bra and we hope you'll like it), said I looked tired (I appreciate honesty so much -- and I'm way too busy to be sarcastic, so take that and everything at face value, please). Even slamming a bottle and a half of Kombucha tea, which usually works so brilliantly, didn't make me feel the least bit alert.That pre-nausea day was also the day that I asked Charlotte's dad to drop Charlotte off at 21 West 38th St. instead of 38 West 21st St. I was thinking maybe all of these symptoms were caused by fatigue. Now, however, I am blaming my swollen glands, achiness, lethargy, fever and chills on That Guy Who Licked My Feet the other day! If you are an MD or a wise mom or just know these things (like you, Melissa Invacido Battle or Jennifer Knee seem to), do you think that's how I caught this flu? I did realize that I had an open blister on one foot. I also think there may be a bigger lesson here in: "Jane, When a guy you don't know, or a person of any gender you do know, puts bodily fluids on you that you don't want there, you can make him stop or get up and leave." Easier said than done when I've really never said no when it comes to my body. Should I learn this? When and how? By starting to practice it right away? Have you struggled with this and how have you dealt with it? Any advice from anyone with similar boundary issues much appreciated. Thanks y'all.