It's YOUR Open Thread And You Need It NOW!

Because who doesn't need a place where whatever you say is is a-okay with everyone? So say anything! And enjoy!
Publish date:
May 23, 2014
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I am so ready for summer. Yesterday, Emily gave me the biggest compliment on my summery outfit, jeans and a little striped crew neck T-shirt and my skateboard sneakers. She said I looked like an eight-year-old ​boy. That just happens to be one of my favorite summer looks, only eclipsed by the winter version: an eight-year-old boy wearing a corduroy Sunday suit he is outgrowing. Very specific, I know.

Are you eager for summer, or dreading? Do you have a "summer uniform"? You can talk about those, as well as whatever the opposite of those things are, and everything in-between. Here are some in-between ideas you may want to consider discussing:

  • The last time you instantly knew you'd made a mistake.
  • A song you can listen to on repeat indefinitely.
  • Your thoughts on the latest abortion-limiting legislation sweeping the south.
  • Do you prefer liquid or bar soap?

If you've got only one thing on your mind, feel free to share that one thing. If you've got a million things on your mind, you're welcome to try to list them all. You're welcome to talk about anything, period. Including your period.