It’s Much Less Humid In This Open Thread Than It Is Outside

Unless you live in the desert. Do you live in the desert?
Publish date:
August 15, 2014
open threads

Now I just want to hear about whether you live in the desert, but I will try to get back to something somehow related to something here. Okay! I have been working on a new idea to replace that Jane's Phone feature, which I am excited to be retiring (if you think of anything, let me know), so it has me thinking about all the ways we interact with each other and which have been the most satisfying. There's my Twitter, there are random in-person encounters while buying Kombucha at the deli and ESPECIALLY that in-person encounter over a pancake breakfast at your house in Austin, and there is this weekly super-open Open Thread.

Maybe one day I’ll host a live Open Thread event where you can just go up and talk to anyone about anything. Is that something you’d attend? Let me know when you comment today, and if you feel like it, also tell me your thoughts on…

  • A food you could eat for every meal and never get sick of.
  • Do you ever wear a necktie?
  • How Robin Williams’s death seems to have affected even the most cynical people.
  • Soap and water or hand sanitizer?
  • The tragedy of Michael Brown’s shooting death and how his community has responded.
  • How often do you visit public parks?

Answer these, help each other and do what you do best in this space every week, you perfect digital beings.