Say Whatever You Want to Say to Us — The Interns! — And Each Other in This All-Yours Open Thread

Thanks, Jane, for letting us steal this from you this week. We may or may not return it to you.
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June 17, 2016
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Hi, guys! We’re JoVona and Alexandra, the summer interns here at xoJane. We’re both from big cities — Chicago and New York — and love good sushi (not the grocery-store kind). This week’s Open Thread is our first shot at getting to know you guys, so talk to us! We’ll start things off by sharing a little about ourselves.

I’m Alexandra — hi y’all! (I’ve started trying this “y’all” thing now that I go to school in North Carolina.) I’m from New York City. I was born here and lived here my whole life until I left for college (which happens to be in the middle of nowhere and takes some getting used to) last year.

On my first day at xoJane, I was hoping to easily find everything (which is impossible because we work on a huge floor with a million people). But I was saved by a text from Marci telling me to look out for her in a Canadian tuxedo. (Cue me quickly typing into Google: “Canadian tuxedo” because I had no idea. I wasn’t about to text Marci and say “what do you mean Canadian tuxedo?” and look like an idiot.)

I was warned that because I was going to be working at a big company, I’d be getting a lot of coffee. But, I haven’t been doing any of that. This is not a “go out and get coffee” internship, my friends, and I love it so far.

I’m JoVona. I’m from Chicago and all that good stuff. I sit next to Marci, who gets cool, sometimes strange beauty products delivered to her all day long. My favorite part about this internship is the unlimited popcorn, dark chocolate M&M’s and coffee that we get in the always-stocked kitchen area courtesy of Time Inc.

I finished grad school like a month ago. I’m a serial intern, and I was an RA in undergrad. Now guess which fact I wish wasn’t true!

While we have wrestled the Open Thread from Jane’s hands, we’ve also read dozens of them and know that it’s now time for some random questions to get you started. (Or to skip! Whatever you want. You do you.)

Do your eyeballs ever itch, and if so, how do you scratch them?

How easy is it to spot the interns at your job?

What is one thing of yours you would never let someone borrow (like, never ever in a million years)?

Do you think having sex with someone automatically makes you friends?

If you had to live in a small town, like it was your only option, which one would it be (if you’re already in a small town, swap it out for a major city)?

What would be your talent on America’s Got Talent?

Do you ever just wear lipstick to see it smudge on things your lips touch? And can you guess which one of us does that?

What type of random things do you do to spice up your daily tasks?

What is a prepared dish you’d never eat from a grocery store (ours, duh, is sushi)?

We are excited to be here and hope you guys are excited to have us. Use this thread to talk about anything that’s on your mind. If you’ve never commented before, don’t be shy! We’re new here, too, so let’s try this together.


Jane just read this and is telling us to tell you: "You should of course use the space below to talk about your families, your work, your weeks, your accomplishments and let downs — little and big — and to give each other the help and advice that you so lovingly give every week. After all, it's YOUR weekly Open Thread."