Phone: Now For Your Toughest Assignment Yet

De-stressing me. Plus: who hasn't at least considered using their phone as a vibrator?
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May 15, 2012

You know when you get stressed to the point where you lose track of what is important to stress about and what isn't? Tell me that happens to you too. That's where I am right now.

Daisy, who is also working on this Windows Phone project, suggested I get help with this using the phone -- and thereby get a post out of it for the sponsor too -- WIN WIN.

She, too, recently made the switch to a Windows Phone so she tried out a few apps and found the one she thought I’d like best: an app called The Right Vibes.

Bryan was against my using the phone as a vibrator as he does have to use it himself from time to time. So I pressed it against my neck, just like in the vibrator ads. It has a bunch of different settings, from stronger and longer to lighter pulses, none quite strong enough to relax my tense neck and shoulders (especially that left violin-playing rock-like one). But the Right Vibes app probably would have been great as a vibrator -- that darn Bryan.

Speaking of the person besides me who most wants me to chill the f out, Bryan suggested I try Relax Completely, a tamer relaxation app.

Here I go:

That, by the way, is my daughter's room. I do not have pull-out posters of Selena Gomez from Tiger Beat on my walls (mine are all of Gregg Sulkin).

What do you do when you are stressed (pharmaceutical options acceptable) and how do you find little vacations within your regular days? How obligatory did that call-out for your stories sound? Either way, I really would like to know what you're doing and, if it's too much, what you're doing about it.


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