If You Miss This Open Thread, I'll Be Very Mad At You (Just Kidding!)

I'm sure you'd have a perfectly good excuse for not joining us, but I really do hope you stop by to at least say hi.
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May 16, 2014
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I've been in Miami all week, which may sound like fun, but, in fact, it was business. OK, fun business because I love the folks I work with right now (which certainly hasn't always been the case). AND I missed Emily's karaoke birthday party!Apparently, Emily did a heartbreakingly lovely rendition of Patsy Cline's "She's Got You," Mandy did a very serious Arcade Fire song, Baze sang "Our Lips Are Sealed," and Marci sang... everything. Alison Freer, who's visiting all the way from California, says Marci "has, like, the best voice" -- this is the third or fourth time I've missed a chance to hear her!Good ol' Madeline showed up, too. I miss that wonderful human being! I would've loved to give her a hug or six.Are you missing anyone right now? This is your dedicated space to talk about that, or anything at all. If you can't think of "anything at all," here are some ideas:

  • What's your go-to karaoke song?
  • Have you ever been hypnotized?
  • Michael Sam!
  • Have you ever smelled a celebrity? What did he or she smell like?
  • Are there any words you mispronounced for years?

If none of those are inspiring you, feel free to just answer this: How the hell are ya? I genuinely want to know!