I Took Over My Mom’s Instagram For A Week, and Found Out Her Followers Are Really Boring

Jane let her daughter Charlotte take over her social media accounts for a week, so the tween could show her how it's done.
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May 4, 2015
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My mom asked me if I wanted to control her social media for a week, and at first I was like, no way! That is so embarrassing! But then she said she would pay me $10 a day, and I changed my mind.

I told her I wouldn’t handle her Twitter account, because Twitter is for old people and is not that fun. I think my mom’s Instagram photos are too artsy and serious, so I promised her by the end of the week I would get her more followers and show her how it’s done. My friends love to comment and hers don’t, so I wanted to see if I could change that. Basically, I posted some pictures of our dogs, some selfies and took videos when we randomly went to the Times Square Dave and Buster's, but none of it was thought out beforehand.


Crazy people! 😂

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I can’t believe my mom didn’t know how to keep the camera going to do a selfie video! Anyway, I taught her a lot that week and here are some of my thoughts about when I took over her Instagram:

Her Followers Are So Boring

Seriously, none of her friends post any comments. She should be getting likes in at least the triple digits and on some we posted we got none! Also, my followers comment within a couple seconds and sometimes my mom's wouldn't comment until the NEXT DAY! I got really bummed that not that many people were liking and commenting. Since no one was interacting much, I stopped posting as much and mom said she was only going to pay me $5 instead. So I took less money because I just couldn’t deal anymore.

Her Followers Are Really Old

My mom asked me so many times if I wanted a shout out from her friends that have a lot of followers to boost up my posts. But I didn’t want any help from someone no one my age even knows about! (I'm 12 and you're supposed to be 13 to have an Instagram, but I got my account when the rule was 12 so my mom says I was "grandfathered in" or whatever.)

When my friend Lena tagged her in the #20beautifulwomenchallenge, my mom thought it would be cool for me to post a photo of her for it. I couldn’t believe she wanted to do that! I was like, “Mom, you’re pretty, but no, that is SO EMBARRASSING!” I told her it would definitely not help her image.


We just got locked out of the apartment!

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My Mom Needs To Be More Random

I told my mom that if she posts too frequently, people will un-follow her. This happened on my last day because my mom thought I hadn't done enough to earn my pay, so I posted too many selfies and people were probably annoyed (I warned you guys! Sorry mom!). She bugged me so much about what I was posting and who I was tagging sometimes and it was SO frustrating.

Instead of freaking out about a photo for hours before posting it, I hope my mom starts posting random stuff like I did. It shows people you’re a fun person and don’t care what people think!

My mom also needs to be a lot quicker. I don't even look at the pictures or watch my videos before I post them and she takes like 5 minutes deciding which image to use. Seriously!



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I thought I would get my mom more followers by the end of the week, but she ended up losing some :/ Still, I hope she’ll stop stressing out so much about what she posts and just have more fun. I tried to tell her no one cares that much! It’s just Instagram! Maybe next time if she pays me more I will get her a million followers!

Do you guys think I did a good job? What should I do next time I take over?