You and Your Most Random Thoughts Are Golden in This Happy-Go-Lucky Open Thread

Have you scored this week?
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August 19, 2016
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There's a certain thing that people do sometimes when they are introducing you or interviewing you that I think of as a "Hit it, Jane!" or "Over to you, Bob!" moment, and it always fills me with a sense of something not as serious as dread but along those lines.

It's when, instead of being part of the conversation with you, they give you a very broad command like, "So tell me about yourself..." and you are expected to fill the void.

I am only thinking of that now because I know that there is a ton that I want to talk to you about and lots of things you will bring up that will spark more things I'll want to tell you in the comments, but I can't for the life of me think of anything to fill this here Open Thread intro void this week.

So, LUCKY YOU, I am not going to open this Open Thread with any little anecdotes about my week or any recent deep thoughts, and we can get right to the fun part, that being the part where I put you on the spot ha ha. In any case, say anything you want here in your Open Thread comments, as always. And here are some specific questions to get you started if you, like me, sometimes fear the open-ended.

How did Tynan, this cute little rascal who I found sitting at Amber's desk when I left our staff meeting on Wednesday to get my phone charger, sneak into our very high-security office building, when none of us has ever been able to do so? OK, only Tynan can answer that one, but here are some for you lovelies:

Do you think you would feel better getting a silver medal or a bronze medal?

Have you tried my zinc beauty trick yet?

Is Trump doomed to lose this election by embarrassing margins?

Do you have trust issues (and is it more normal these days to have them or not)?

What literally makes you gag?

Ask your own tons of questions below, if you like. Talk about big hurdles you've cleared or stumbled over, things that have fallen apart, or things you're putting back together. Share your personal best or worst moments from this week. Ask for advice about reconnecting with friends or disconnecting from negativity. Ask for advice about whether or not to move.

Leave a comment that says everything you can't say to someone you love. Write a letter. Write backward. Write anything at all, and do what you do best: Make this Open Thread (and the world) a better place by being in it.

P.S. Your stories in answer to last week's random question "How did you meet the person you love the most in the world?" were so beyond beautiful. I would like to publish every one, but I guess we already did. Thank you.