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Publish date:
March 20, 2015
open thread, mental health, happiness, disney world, self care

Next week, I'm going to Lesley's favorite place in all the land: Disney World! I'm truly excited. And keep thinking about that, "I'm going to Disney World!" shout people do when they are celebrating some big accomplishment.

I generally only let myself relax and indulge after I have accomplished something or am certain about the future (which is a fallacy anyway). I didn't go on a trip for the years between Sassy and Jane magazines because I couldn't see enjoying one when I wasn't totally secure about what was next.

In high school and college, I always waited to allow myself to buy and indulge in a big stack of silly magazines until after I had studied my ass off and presumably done well on my exams. I have never as throughly enjoyed pie as when I have gone running or something beforehand and worked up a huge appetite for it.

My therapist tells me that the greatest thing is to do nothing and then rest afterward. (Do any of you know where that quote comes from? I can't remember myself.) He can tell me this a few times in one session and it still doesn't penetrate the guilt layers I've built up over a lifetime.

But I am trying something different now. I am going to try to relax despite the great big unknown. My big goal is to enjoy ups and downs and spinning teacups, even with uncertainty looming overhead (or, technically, up North since we'll be in Florida). We all live with uncertainty every second anyway. Why not enjoy life throughout it?

Why not say, "I'm going to Disney World!!" when something tragic or sad or disappointing or terrible happens? Or when you don't achieve what you think you "should?" What about not labeling things great and terrible anyway? It's all just life. And because life isn't really about crossing things off your "To Accomplish" list and getting ahead and answering life's biggest questions, here are some small questions, just for you:

Do you believe in the feel good gene? If so, do you think you are insufficient in what it naturally produces?

Are you celebrating the Fashion Police hiatus?

How badly do you need a vacation right now?

What's the longest break you've taken from social media?

How are you going to spend your tax return?

What's the highest level STEM class you took in school?

Tell me anything you'd like. Tell each other everything you want. And have the happiest weekend ever.