Ta-Da!!!! The Multiple Winners Of Our Search for New Beauties

We searched for shiny and new and we found them. We could not be more thrilled. Are you?
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July 30, 2012

The new team!

Asyouknow, we've been searching for a new Beauty Editor. And a Health Editor. And searching searching searching for many other things always in this fast-paced ever-changing Internet world of which I am now fully part. But back to Beauty.

I think I looked at about 375 resumes and I was so appreciative of every single one. I would have hired you all if I could. And, as you will see here, we couldn't stop ourselves at one. So, with no further blathering...

I am so excited to introduce Gala Darling as our new Beauty and Style Editor (yep, some of you were ahead of me on the announcement of this one -- I love you smarties for figuring it out). Please welcome her! Tell her what you want and don't want from her. Tell her anything.

I am so also excited to introduce India-Jewel Jackson as Contributing Beauty and Health Editor. Please welcome her! Tell her what you want from her and what you don't. Ask her about the beauty or health issues you most want to know about. She has an amazing health thing she found in Germany, but I won't spoil it for her.

And then we couldn't stop there, so we also have a guy beauty contributor (hi Tynan!) and also a contributor from the UK, and that girl Gabi who sent in her Lana Del Rey story out of nowhere and wowed us all with her awesomeness. As I said, we got so many good submissions and we want you to support your favorites, so tell us who you want to hear more from (and also, as I'm sure you will, tell me where you think I went wrong in who I overlooked in this search).

And don't worry that this means Hannah and Alison are going anywhere -- they're not, thank you lordy. Julie is going on to another cool job where she won't be able to write for little old us anymore and feel free to be upset about that here too -- believe me, I was upset when she told me.

We searched for shiny and new and we found them. They found us! We could not be more thrilled. Are you? I don't have to say it, but Tell Me The Truth. And tell these new folks what you want from them. We are here to serve.


Our New Editors:

Gala Darling, Beauty & Style Editor

Hello! I'm Gala Darling, & I'm the brand-spanking new Beauty & Style Editor here at xoJane. I'm so excited to join the team & fluff around in xoJane's hot pink offices!

I have to tell you, if job interviews were first dates, when Jane & Emily & I met, we went ALL THE WAY. (I'm glad I wore cute underwear.) Our informal meeting turned into a job offer in about four hours flat, & on Friday I had my first real taste of being on the job.

What's it like to be "on the clock" at xoJane? Well, Friday involved an editorial meeting with lots of laughter, stacks of Polaroids, raiding the beauty closet & watching Jane Pratt get lockjaw from too much bubble-blowing (for a photo shoot).

As Beauty & Style Editor, I'll be bringing my own kind of flair to xoJane. Fair warning: This will involve plenty of pink & a major dose of enthusiasm! I'm obsessive about all facets of beauty, & I'm going to share my favorite tricks. I'm also huge on "real girl beauty" -- I know so many super-stylish girls who will happily spill all their secrets right here, providing an endless stream of inspiration.

From make-up recommendations you can actually use to extremely overzealous investigations into the very best products, I'll be covering it all with gusto! I believe we should love ourselves the way we are, but at the same time, we can have tremendous fun experimenting & expressing ourselves through beauty & style. That's the spin I hope to bring to our revamped beauty section… & I hope you enjoy it, too.

India-Jewel Jackson, Contributing Health & Beauty Editor

Hi xoJane-ers! I’m India-Jewel Jackson (but feel free to whittle that on down to IJJ), and I’m the other new addition to the xoJane beauty department -- I’m trés happy to be here!

I’ve been in beauty editorial for the past 8 years (print and online), and I’ve definitely landed in the right career, as testing products and spa treatments has always been my thing. For instance, I’ve been to Iceland for an underwater thermal massage, Colombia to wade around in volcanic mud, Provence for vinotherapy, Dubai to hang out in a hammam, Tokyo for BioGel nails, and so much more.

Whenever I’m stateside, I’m always on an eternal hunt to find the best of the best in beauty, and for cheap (if it at all possible). Right now I’m obsessed with finding the very best BB Cream for women of color, but soon I’ll be searching for a CC Cream -- apparently they’re coming down the primping pipe quite soon! (I must have just missed the AA cream boat.)

My signature look is as follows: I’m all about fresh-faced skin, retro black eyeliner, and racy red lips -- I even slick it on to go to the gym, to check my mail, and thrice-daily trip to Starbucks.

As for my hair, I’m all about the wild crazy curl. Weeks go by and I won’t have touched it with a brush or comb, save for those moments when I’m detangling in the shower.

When I’m not doing beauty shit, I’m DJing here in NYC and over in London, taking a ton of Pilates and spinning classes (then subsequently binging on gluten-free pizza, Gatorade, and 100 Grand candy bars), trying not to fall in love with The Boy just yet (more on him later), running up my AMEX bill at Barneys and Zara, buying expensive shoes I know I’ll never wear, drinking my weight in skinny soy vanilla lattes, spending way too much time marinating in bed and perusing Pinterest (follow me over at IndiaJewelJax), Swiffering my bamboo wood floors (LOVE that shit), collecting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, reading about slutty medieval Kings and Queens, rocking out with my lady cock out over at The Box and Gold Bar, and buying matching bras and panties.

In other words, I’m random as all hell. Welcome to the madhouse.

And Our New Contributors:

Gabi Rivera-Morales

I'm Gabi, a recent graduate and current master's student who spends more time daydreaming about clothes and vintage shops than my studies (woops). Most of the time I'm haggling down designer dresses at Virginia thrift stores that don't know any better and making hasty collages of all my crazed style icons. I'm also constantly crafting sh*t. Luckily for me, xoJane is giving me a chance to exhibit my punky, girly, dreamy fashion vibes to you readers via many DIYs and endless fashion tutorials. Get ready, it's gonna get weird! In a good way, of course.

Michelle King

Michelle King is a beauty and style contributor xoJane. Her writing has been published on HerCampus, Thought Catalog, Refinery29, and Seventeen.com. She loves fashion, but she can't deal with fashion people, mostly because they say things like "I can't" about a pair of shoes, and, like, oh, cool that's not even remotely a sentence. She used to live in South Florida with your grandparents, but now she lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Isabel Slone

Photo by Joel Yum

My name is Isabel Slone and I started a fashion blog in high school and I haven’t stopped writing about fashion since. Seriously, in University I wrote a fashion column for the student newspaper, self-published a zine on fashion, feminism and environmentalism called PLANT magazine. Now I write for the Toronto Standard, where I get mad at people for hating on SlutWalk, and, you know, talk about my hair. I like shopping at thrift stores, wearing clunky boots and looking like I stepped out of the set of "Reality Bites." You can expect pictures of me wearing ridiculous clothing, celebrating the fun aspects of fashion and potentially lambasting the more sucky aspects.

Kristin Booker

In addition to her newly minted status as a xoJane contributor, Kristin is a freelance writer, sometime copywriter, and full-time fashion and beauty blogger. You may have sees Kristin's beauty and relationship thoughts and rants on Marie Claire.com, ELLE.com, Refinery 29, and StyleCaster, or on her own site, FashionStyleBeauty.com. Kristin collects vintage rock T-shirts and vintage rock stars in Manhattan.

Tynan Sinks

My name is Tynan and I'm stoked to be a Beauty/Style contributor for xoJane.com. Before this, I worked Press for MTV in Los Angeles, and did PR and Copywriting for a few marketing firms and film festivals, oh and I cover music over on another website. I'm excited to be covering Beauty and Style because what could be more fun than that? It's everything that I'm going to be obsessing over anyway, so I might as well write about it. I love fashion, street art, beauty products that I don't need, and anything with the word "pop" in front of it: pop music, pop art, pop culture.

Allie Riley Jones

Hey xoJaners! I’m Allie Riley Jones -- a freelance writer and beauty girl currently splitting time between Colonial Williamsburg and NYC. I’ve toiled away in the beauty closets at W and Lucky and written for Luckymag.com. I would be pleased to show you the magic of a DIY pedicure and maybe some pictures of me pretending to be Beyonce via false eyelashes. Tweet me anything you’d like to know @allierileyjones. As my girl Azealia once said, Can I be your type?

Natalie Kate Meehan

Natalie lives in Brighton, England where she works in publishing, and writes about beauty in her spare time. She loves all things luxe and lovely and spends all her money the second she gets any on the newest wonder products, and also eats a lot of cake. She is very excited to be writing about beauty for xoJane and can't wait to get stuck in and let you know all the cool shit she's tried out recently.

They'll Be Joining:

Alison Freer, Clothes Editor

I am a Costume Designer from Texas living in Los Angeles, California. I dress people for television shows, commercials and music videos. This means that I shop A LOT and have turned numerous inanimate objects into costumes. In my spare time, I write about my love/hate relationship with fashion, style and clothes. I don't believe that there are any "rules" for fashion, and you shouldn't either.

Hannah Johnson, Associate Beauty Editor

Hannah is a Libra, coffee-table book collector, Associate Beauty Editor here at xoJane, contributor for RookieMag, owner of An Aesthetic Feast, acting student and appreciator of dogs.

An extremely high-profile photo shoot