It's Another Friday Open Thread For You!

So go to town.
Publish date:
April 26, 2013
open thread

You and your brilliance. Last week I introduced this Friday open thread thing that you'd requested in comments. You took it and ran with it, filling the empty space with over 1000 notes to each other -- congratulating on new jobs, introducing yourselves after months of lurking (with clevernesses like "You have nice hair" and "I like your toys"), asking for advice, telling about being on lockdown, talking about eating chocolate in bed.

You are prolific and wonderful. So what do you want to talk to each other about this week? Do it here!

Oh, also: how often do you want to talk to each other in these forum-like threads -- daily? what? Weekly doesn't seem like enough and daily feels like overkill, but I'm not sure -- if you like, let me know here what you think the frequency of these things should be too. Though I'm sure you have more interesting things on your minds....