Everything You Say Is Exactly the Right Thing to Say in This Nothing-Off-Limits Open Thread

I missed my meds this week.
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May 6, 2016
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An interviewer asked me the other day about my summer plans. I would never usually be organizing things that far in advance (I always have to take a moment to even remember what season or month or year it is anyway, not because I'm a ditz, but because I don't place that much importance on time; I think it is related to my lack of fear of death, which I will get back to in a paragraph or so).

So summer-wise, now that they got my mind on it, I’m wondering: Do you think it is a good idea for me to drive with daughter (age 13) and possibly dogs (ages 3 and 6) from New York to Texas this summer? If so, should I do it in an RV? (Is that so gas-guzzling-ly un-PC to even ask?)

I want to go there to visit my brother and his family, who are pure fun times like me and Charlotte (saying so myself, yes), but I'm not at all into the idea of flying there. It's not because I am scared of flying. Actually, one of my most relaxing scenarios is being on a plane in the middle of ongoing turbulence. I know that the outcome is out of my control-freak hands, as I don't know how to fly a plane. That's one of the rare times I can really sit back and relax and enjoy the bumpy ride. Do you relate to this in some form?

Back to Texas: my reason for not wanting to fly is just the hassles and schlepping involved and getting to the airport and the actual airport and all that stuff, which might sound spoiled, but feels like work to me, probably because I've done so much traveling for work in my lifetime. So have any of you driven that route, or parts of it? Was there anything fun along the way that I should check out? And are you (which equals something fun, duh) anywhere between Manhattan and Dallas, by any chance, and can we stop by for a visit? I will bring you something from NYC if you want.

OK. Here are some less self-serving questions (but they are questions I would truly like your feedback on) for you to answer all or just one or none of below, as you do every week. (Have you noticed that I upvote anyone who answers even one of the questions? I do! I know, who cares?!)

What are you doing this summer?

If you aren't sure if you took your daily meds or not, do you take them (potentially doubling up), skip the day just in case or try to take half a dose or what? (I understand that the medication itself makes a difference here, so what meds do you take every day, if any?)

Is your clitoris closer to your vaginal opening than most people's?

When was the last time you spoke to your best friend?

What's streaming on Amazon or Hulu or Netflix or anywhere that's worth watching this weekend?

Are you celebrating Mother's Day?

Do you ever crave specific vegetables? Which ones?

What was the last thing you detoxed from (person, place, amphetamine, or thing)?

Do you generally have friends that are older or younger than you are? Do you generally date people older or younger?

And what is your habit with these open threads anyway? Are you new here and have never commented on one? (If so, go for it. You never know what amazingness it will lead to.) Do you come back multiple times a day throughout the weekend and into the next week, as I do? Do you sort the brilliances you all leave here by best, newest, or oldest? Do you comment once and then only return to see how people respond to your comment?

In any case at all, please spend as much or as little time in these comments as you like. Talk as much or as little as you like to each other on however many tangents you want to go on, whatever day you want to stop in on. There really are no limits to what you can say or how many gif’s you can post or what you can ask this award-winning-ly supportive community of like- and opposite-minded others.

P.S. Y'all left a record number of comments here last week — woohoo! Congratulations! So let's challenge ourselves this week to beat that record, which, for the record, was 1500. Gogogogogogogogogo!! Or don't gogogogogo, if me telling you to gogogogogo just stressed you out.