How I Changed My Skin From Looking Like An Elephant's Trunk To Looking Like A Baby's Bottom

And you can have the expensive products I used for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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July 23, 2013
facials, beauty, Mila Moursi

I am all for aging. My grandma looks the most beautiful she has ever looked in her life at 106. My 10-year-old Charlotte counted the wrinkles in my forehead this weekend and came up with a grand total of nine big lines. She said they are so deep, they look like an elephant. Which I LOVE.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I'm about to turn down an offer from my great friend, Courteney, to see the facialist that she and my other pal Jen (note bonus WE'RE-ON-A-ONE-SYLLABLE-BASIS namedrop!) go to, Mila Moursi, while Mila is in NY. Actually, the first time Court (another one! you're welcome!) offered, I was out of town, but fortunately Mila is coming monthly to Barney's in NYC now, so I got another chance.

First of all, this is what life looks like when you go to facialists of this calibre:

Now as you may know, I'mabeliever. But I am telling you: I've had maybe 500 face treatments in my life (thank you, dermatoligists, cosmetologists, facialists and aestheticians, one and all! anyone else who wants to touch my skin, step right up!). And this particular time, after Mila massaged my face and neck with her amazing smelling products (during which time I fell asleep and snored), I swear I looked like I had a face-lift. My skin was rosy and tighter and glowy.

Mila is such a lovely woman, too. Clearly, I was high after my treatment when I sent this (sort of like when I fell in love with my surgeon when I came to after that operation -- thanks for nothing, morphine!), but it's all true

So much so that when she gave me products afterward (specifically her Dual Action Serum, Firming Cream, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Cleansing Foam, Balancing Toner and Lifting Serum) with instructions on which to use morning and which at night, and told me sweetly but firmly that she and I had to work together on this (this being the massive project of My Aging Elephant Skin) and that I had to keep up my end by using the products as she instructed, I told her I would. And for once, I'm sticking to a regimen.

Oh, not really. I skip days all the time and when I do use the delicious and unbelievably effective products, I am lucky to get in one treatment a day, never a morning AND a night treatment within 24 short hours. But it has been a month of using these products exclusively and don't I look like I had a facelift?

Now if you, too, want some of these products for FREEEEEEE, go on over to xoVain where the lovely and flattering Annie is giving some away.

I just want to reiterate that I like faces with both looks, elephant wrinkles and baby skin. Do you? And also, do you like wrinkles on other people but do they scare you on yourself? And is that because they remind you of your mortality? Oh, just talk about anything aging-related here and go get your free products. I love you.