Say Whatever Flippant Foolish Thing You Like in This Not-Even-Because-It's-April Fools Weekend Open Thread!

Publish date:
April 1, 2016
open thread, weekend open thread, Jane, April Fools

I wasn't supposed to write this. I was supposed to be on vacation and the staff was going to write the open thread this week. But a few things happened: Donald Trump made me work this week instead, the staff forgot their part in it (also Donald Trump's fault, I'm sure) or I forgot to tell them (damn you, Donald!!) and, as usual, there's me clinging like a crazy lady to my favorite opportunity to communicate with all of you at once in this weekly Open Thread.

So if you're a regular: check in, update, vent, opine, celebrate or crowdsource in these comments that are entirely free and entirely yours.

If you're new here or new to commenting here, let me assure you that you can write just one simple word (or many many words) in the comments and get ready to be welcomed into the wisest, least judgey and most fun community ever. Try. I am not generally a joiner myself (are you?), but you won't regret joining here, I feel safe in saying.

If you're struggling with writer's block, answer one or more of these random questions to get you going:

What was the last thing you bought on Amazon?

Do you get allergies?

What word do you always misspell?

Should April Fools Day be a holiday? (Is it a holiday? Where did it even come from?)

Oh, you can also give us updates on your pets, tell us if you’ve been to the dentist lately, and explain what kinds of things you’re forced to do for work or school while you’re on vacation. Because you can say anything at all here and it will be more than fine and we are happy to have you regardless of what you say or don't say as long as you say something.

Talk to each other, advise each other, console or commiserate with each other and spend as much time as you’d like to spend in the best community of all the commenting communities out there. This one. Yours. Oh Happy Day.

P.S. If any of you noticed or care about the changes that were announced this week regarding our stylish little XO world, I can write more about them next week (if you're interested). But I will say two things for right now: 1) We aren't changing anything you currently know and like (or tolerate?) about the XO sites. 2) I love and admire Ariel tremendously and feel beyond lucky that he's now my/our boss.