Share Your Hangover Remedies and Resolutions In This Judgement-Free, Brand Spankin' New Year Open Thread

What happened last night?
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January 1, 2016
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You know that terrible place somewhere between a) sober, b) buzzed, and c) vertigo where, at any given moment, you are equally likely to a) have a totally normal day b) vomit everywhere, or c) fall immediately back asleep? I'm asking for a friend who is currently curled up in her fiancé's childhood bedroom in — you guessed it — Iowa. Amber played fast and loose at a Super Mario Kart NYE party last night and got burned.

As for me, I skipped three parties I was considering going to and slept for twelve hours and missed the whole thing. Fun!!!!!! Really!!!

We will add in updates from other staffers as they wake up, but on to you:

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?

How do you soothe a cranky hungover friend or loved one?

What's the best (or worst thing) you've ever experienced (or done) in a hot tub?

Why is 2016 going to be different than 2015 for you, the world, whatever?