Pop Off At The Mouth In This Firecracker Friendly Open Thread

Are fireworks legal where you live?
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July 3, 2015
open thread, friday open thread

I'm writing to you all this week from Malibu, where I'm doing whatever the hell I want every minute. That means a lot of the work that I love to do, interacting with xoJaners Emily, Lesley and Amber whom I love and, importantly, trust. All from this office, with hair, makeup, styling credits going to two of my favorite preteens.

It also means amazingly life-changing conversations with one of my best friends in the world. That's the best part, of course.

I hope you are doing whatever the hell you want wherever you are and, if you haven't been, take a deep breath right now and let it come to you exactly what you most want to be doing and then let yourself do it. Life is short and so is this list of random questions:

If you're stateside, how are you celebrating this star spangled holiday?

Do you shower more or less in the summer?

What's one place you'd love to visit as a full-blown tourist?

Is cooking on a grill really that different from cooking in a sauté pan?

Do you spend more or less time on the internet on weekends?

Independence Day or The Patriot?

The most patriotic act you can think of?

Happy Fourth of July, if you're into that. If not, share your answers to these questions, your general life updates and your alternate weekend plans in the comments section. See you down there, lovelies!