Final, Be-All-End-All Chance To Win FREE Diesel Jeans. Plus, I Wasn't A "Pretty Baby".

Also! My Family On Our "Compound". Which we lovingly refer to as Dogpatch, USA.
Publish date:
September 7, 2011

As you know, we've been featuring photos of our moms in retro denim styles to remind you to enter our Diesel jeans giveaway (and because who doesn't enjoy looking at baby photos and seeing if they look like the person now -- speaking of which, I was not considered a "pretty baby" and felt bad about knowing that for a lot of my life -- I'm over it now). My mom sent me this photo of our family, before my little brother and sister came along, where she is of course wearing jeans (though they look more mom-jean-ish than anything I ever recall her wearing), accompanied by this beautiful little write-up:

Bolinas CA, 1963.That’s Jane’s brother,Hill; I’m holding Jane, and that was our dog, Rocco.If I’d had any idea what a junk pile we lived in I surely would have attempted to clean it up for the picture because I remember thinking that the sailor shirt and pants from the Army and Navy store were pretty cool.

We moved to that house when Jane was born. It’s still there.It’s got a nice garden in front now.Jane’s Dad was in school in San Francisco working on an MFA in Painting.We had no money –hamburger was 3 pounds for a $1 and rent was $72.50 a month.We heated the house with a woodstove.There was a cloud of fog that hung over Bolinas and kept it depressingly damp and chilly.Sometimes we would drive south on Route 1 into the sunshine to the well baby clinic or Montgomery Wards where I bought a banjo.We were into it.

If you've noted a hippie/bohemian/artist thread to my take on life, the fact that the first placed I lived was in Bolinas with two artist parents should help explain that. Anyway, this photo marks the last one of our retro-denim-moms stories (Cat failed to participate, but has some good stories about her mom that I'm sure she will share in good time -- oh, here she goes now....). [If I was writing about anyone's jeans, I would be writing about my nannies'. I had many nannies, some from Eastern Europe, some from Iowa. If they wore jeans they were probably dumpy. My mom wore power suits, and my parents were in a loveless marrige and fought all the time while I hid in the basement...where my room was along with the nanny's. So no, I don't remember the pants they wore the whole time. SORRY. -Cat]

Cool, Cat. Now, if you want free jeans, be sure to enter our contest and get people to like your comments before it ends on Friday September 9. The ten with the most comments get the jeans. Good luck!