"It's Cold As ____!" Fill in That and Many Other Blanks in This, Your Very Own Open Thread

New year, new chapter. It's time to write whatever you want: in your life (metaphorically) and in the comments (literally).
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January 9, 2015
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Happy polar vortex, everyone! How have you been trucking through 2015 so far?

A woman in line for coffee this morning was telling her friend that so far 2015 has been the best year yet, and I thought through it while standing there and immediately came up with about three reasons why she is right (my grandma, who was dying the other night but managed to say "I love you" to me, made a miraculous recovery the next morning! xoJane is poised to have a great new home! My daughter and I are healthy! I love where I live! This life is fun! Once you get going on a roll like that in your mind, it all just steamrolls* — for me anyway). How about you?

Now for some random questions to get you started, if you aren't feeling so exuberant or just aren't sure how to get started commenting here. You can answer any or all of them. You can also make fun of me for asking them! Whatever you like.

Is there anything worth streaming on Netflix?

What was the last thing you baked?

What do you know about vitamin D lamps?

Will you be sending mittens to the Aussie koalas?

Is it acceptable to wear Uggs to your workplace?

Is it embarrassing that I googled "How to Wear a Beanie" this week after my daughter told me I was wearing it wrong?

*Also this week, I embarrassingly cried when I didn't get into a class I had trekked uptown to go to, but I think it was really because I was feeling victim-y about my grandma. I can go on a roll feeling further and further victim-y when I let myself, too.

Now here's where I do a nice wrap up ending encouraging you to ask each other advice, complain about me, introduce yourself if you are new, talk about your week, whatever makes you feel genuinely good. Go for it.