You Can Say Nothing Wrong In This Feelings-Friendly Open Thread

Do you experience free-floating anxiety? Misdirected anger? A guilty conscience? Mood swings? Join the club!

This week, I don't feel like I have anything to say, except HORMONES. Their power scares me. I was relieved that up until my early thirties, my period was so sporadic - sometimes going up to two years without getting it -- 'cause I didn't have to deal with the depression that generally comes on a few days before.

Today, I feel like killing someone, anyone, and I know it's hormonal, but it hasn't stopped me. Help me avoid lashing out at random strangers and tell me -- and naturally,each other -- how you handle your hormones. Herbs? Meditation? Screaming in pillows?

Alternatively, hop onto one of these random questions or leap right down the comments and do what you guys do best -- COMMENT!

What shows/actors/actresses do you wish were (or weren't) nominated for Emmy's this year?

Can you identify any poisonous plants?

Did President Obama throw shade at Bill Cosby?

What's the best way to pass time in an airport?

Do you have any tried and true solutions for social anxiety?

What's one musical you'd love to see -- already in production or completely imagined!

Have you tried any of the (wacky) new Lays potato chip flavors?

How do you get yourself to listen to positive self talk?

Now pretty, pretty please, say anything you like below. Can be mundane. Can be angry or upbeat. Can be a simple update or a question about what to eat for dinner. Or just literally say "hi," especially if you're new here or are not so new here but have been lurking so far. I promise I won't bite you.