Let's talk about jobs we haven't gotten.
Publish date:
April 18, 2013

First, just look at the cuteness that appeared on my desk today (next to my pot cream)!

When Olivia was in the 8th grade, she put together this portfolio of photographs to submit to my Photo Director at Jane magazine. And now we work together here! As it was meant to be.

I'm so happy she uncovered this reminder of the first time we almost worked together and brought it in for me to see. Wow. What's even cuter than the photos she took of her best friend in her styled bathroom are the resume (Skills: Strong Organizational and communication skills, machine and hand Sewing. Objective: To develop myself as an artist, photographer and student [and she did!]) and, best of all, the cover letter:

Dear Mrs. Jennifer Miller,

I am writing concerning my ideas for a new photo concepts in the fashion portion of Jane. My concept is to take a somewhat messy vintage look and put it into a warm interactive environment.

I intend on doing this through homey cluttered atmospheres. Having large couches and pillows creating a warm feeling. Different colored walls and interesting wall paper bring a warm colorful feeling to the room. Books and record players give an old fashion interactive environment for the model.

Overall the model and the atmosphere will have a feeling that is undone yet very pleasing to the eye. This sort of warm homey atmosphere will give a feeling I think readers will be able to not only relate to but also visually enjoy.


Olivia S Hall

God, I love that Olivia and this one I get to work with every day.

It's like little Mandy dressing Barbie Dolls like her idols and making a collage of them as part of her Sassiest Girl In America contest entry and now here we are together however many years later at xoJane. It all works out.

By the way: This is also reminding me of jobs I applied for and didn't get, like that internship at Bay Area Music(?) magazine when I was in college where I thought it was a good idea in my cover letter to insult the people at Rolling Stone magazine where I was then working. Or the retail job at this store, Parachute, when I first moved to New York, where everyone who did get hired looked like models. And that Associate Entertainment Editor position at Glamour magazine I interviewed for and screwed up somehow. Or that TV hosting job I went in for where I heard them talking about my greasy hair when they thought I was out of earshot -- I didn't get that one either, shockingly.

Okay, back to actual work. God, that was a lengthy touch-screen session! Tell me what jobs you've wanted and haven't gotten, or anything else this makes you think of.