Everyone In This Open Thread Is Just As Awesome As You Are

Isn’t it nice to have someone to talk to here who will never judge you no matter what? How about lots of those great folks? Well, that's an empathy party!
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June 20, 2014
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If you follow us on Instagram, you might wonder why we were all lounging on a bed in the middle of the day on Wednesday. Or why I was blowing up inflatable pool toys. Well, we had a few excuses for all that: We had an all-day xoJane and xoVain Editorial Summit, an event that definitely seems to warrant those initial caps, no?

We also held a top-secret photo shoot for a feature you will see on here before long. And maybe the best part of having these two events coincide was that it was perfecto justification to bring the lovely and smart Boston-based Lesley into town (thus she was the one of us who was actually meant to be sleeping in that hotel bed).

Also there, and seeming totally chill about all the inappropriacy (like that new word?) going on was our new Senior Social Media Editor, Donna. She took Tiffany's place. Yep, changes, changes. She is gorgeous in all senses AND she, Mandy and I are all double Scorpios, which seems worth mentioning. (But then, anything is worth mentioning in these Open Threads, which is kind of the point.)

Do you have any new coworkers? Go ahead and give them a shout-out here. Or perhaps you’d prefer to talk about…

  • Anagrams of your name
  • The celebrity death that affected you the most
  • The imminent dumping of Dov Charney from American Apparel (and if you do, I will get in the comments to talk about that Jane magazine article we did on him that people still reference now so many years later)
  • How often you set aside time to clean your home
  • How often you sign waivers about physical liability (I feel like I do this way too often)

Those ideas don't even begin to encapsulate what you can talk about, though. That would be the longest list ever, since you can discuss absolutely anything here. I can’t wait to see what that means to you this week.