Tell Each Other What You're Looking Forward To In This Eternally Optimistic Open Thread

What's one thing you're excited about in your future?
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July 10, 2015
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This week, I found my way back to the xoJane office and had a heartwarming - my editors are like Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea with pools of honey -- staff meeting IN ACTUAL PERSON after skyping and google chatting and conference calling for two weeks.

We all got emotional, took off our crop tops and and talked like crazy (while eating cupcakes) until we were completely caught up, which is why this week's Open Thread is facing so forward into the future. Not flying-car-robot-maid-dystopian-apocalypse-future themed, but tomorrow-and-the-next day-and-the-next-week-and-week-after-that themed.

So use this open thread to get all over-share-y about your calendars, because that's what this is for.

Tell me -- and, more importantly, each other -- all the grandiose or microscopic, unsexy or panty-dropping goodness or badness in your soon to be now. And, if you're firmly rooted in the present, feel free to talk about anything else you want to talk about (you non-intro-reading heathens) and use these random questions to get you started.

Do you have to commute to work?

Are you afraid of reptiles (apparently, we're supposed to fear snakes, like, ancestrally)?

When was the last time you ate something with mold on it?

What hashtags have you been paying attention to this week?

Should I die my hair gray?

What was the best/worst part of the Ariana Grande donut debacle?

That's all, folks! Now it's your turn.