Say What You're Thinking or Feeling or Think You Might Be Feeling in This Entirely Yours, Entirely Open Thread

What's pissed you off this week?
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April 29, 2016
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I love that you guys are still commenting on last week's Open Thread and was — and still kind of am — tempted to shirk my intro-writing responsibilities and say, "Well, isn't this beautiful? It's a sign that we are all meant to just keep commenting here instead of on a new Weekend Open Thread!!"

I was also tempted to just post a week's worth of photos into this Open Thread instead of writing anything and make that a (lame) theme.

But it's the last week of the month and all of us here at XO (despite the image we sometimes give off of lounging around throwing-our-heads-back-fake-laughing, going to ClassPass classes and/or drinking all day) spend all our time "twisting our brains into strange, traffic-driving shapes" (that was Amber's poetic phrasing for it in a note to me this morning) and free basing espresso in impromptu staff meetings, so no one was really their photo-ready best or even had time to take out a camera and capture the rest of us disheveled freaks.

Also, yesterday was "Take Your Child to Work Day," (also known in this household of the Worst Mom in the World ™ as: sleep late, skip school, roll into the office with your kid around noon) and Charlotte was deeply mortified by the state of my desk and wouldn't let me take any pictures of it (or of her during the two hours she spent organizing and redecorating it). It hasn't been a great week for photos.

It has been a great week for other things, like some traffic-driving posts that went up today, lots of sugar in the office to go with our caffeine, and (potentially) your sweet answers to these several random questions:

How many times have you watched Lemonade?

What food, substance or activity are you craving, if anything?

What's your favorite Law & Order spin-off?

Do you have any allergies?

If you could be anywhere in the world, right this very second, where would you be?

What was the last sound you muted?

How many comments have you left here according to Disqus?

Now, whether enticed by random comments or otherwise, Open Thread is officially ready for your best, worst, most mediocre or most amazing (as defined by you and this commenting community) thoughts, hopes, dreams, dilemmas, or anything else you can type, draw, or create with your phone, tablet, or computer. Unbutton. Disclose. Run amok. Because this is your open thread, even if you've never commented before. Even if you're still commenting on last week's. All are welcome and all are heard, all weekend long.