9 Things We Didn't Write About But You May Want to Comment On, Including Kids Who Just Laid the Scientific Smackdown on Martin Shkreli

There's good news for both HIV and PTSD patients this week.
Publish date:
December 4, 2016
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It's finally December and there isn't much that's supposed to imply other than at least those premature holiday decorations all over the city seem justified now (and boy did they move fast — it was literally the day after Halloween when the tinsel and Seasons Greetings went up everywhere). Festivities or not, there's still a lot going on in our little internet bubble, some of which slipped through our editorial fingers this week.

We blindly scrolled past bad news prediction pieces (and there were a lot of them) since we'd rather wait for bad news confirmations before freaking out, but that doesn't mean they aren't great discussion starters. And there's also plenty of decent current news as well — a healthy mix, I'd say. OK, maybe "healthy" is the wrong word. You tell me the adjective you'd use to describe these news stories.

Mike Pence's new neighbors in a DC neighborhood are trolling him with pride flags. [Vice]

The drug that Martin Shkreli made insanely expensive for patients treating HIV was just created in a lab by Australian high school students for $20. [ABC News]

A man holds a sign outside of a mosque in Texas and goes viral in a good way. [NBC]

The creator of Full House just bought the Full House... house. [The Wrap]

Rihanna and Prince Harry got tested for HIV together in Barbados for World Aids Day. [Daily Mail]

Skype sex may lead to "sextortion" in a new scam that's eerily like that one episode of Black Mirror. [Daily Beast]

The FDA is approving trials to test the drug ecstasy as treatment relief for PTSD. [NY Times]

The inventor of the Big Mac has passed away at age 98 which probably means they can't be that bad for you? [Business Insider]

Cheese alert: there is now a cheese advent calendar you can buy/eat. [The Telegraph]

So much food news! It's nice to see some goodness peppered in throughout the truly weird things that seem to be happening lately, all of which — good or bad — you should feel free to discuss in the comments below.