What Should I Wear To My Speaking Thing Tonight?

I'm on a panel at NYU moderated by David Carr in a few hours and I will wear whatever you say. Six choices are here and I'm open to your write-in outfit ideas too. Please dress me, my sweeties!
Publish date:
June 11, 2013
David Carr, NYU

If you were me and you were excited to be on a panel at NYU tonightmoderated by that guy you admire a lot, David Carr, and it's at 6:30PM so you wanted to dress like you just came from a regular day at theoffice but a day at the office for you can mean wearing jean shorts ormen's socks with platform shoes or both, which of these outfits wouldyou wear?Extra points for recognizing the photo bomber in these pictures.

Thanks so much in advance for your dressing help, as always!!

PS I have noticed that the higher my heels, the more Emily McCombs seems to respect me. But do not let that influence your decision here.