Leave a Drastic Number of Comments in This Drastically Accepting, Come Exactly as You Are, Open Thread

Did you get enough sleep this week?
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April 8, 2016
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I didn't. (Get enough sleep, that is. If you read the dek, you wouldn't need this parenthetical. It bums me out that, due to our CMS, you don't see the dek — that little line or lines below the headline — in the mobile main scroll. I read this site and everything in mobile about 99 percent of the time. Do you do more of your work and your overall interacting on your phone or your laptop or what? Or did I just put you to sleep?)

Last night while I wasn't sleeping, I was reading about how Arianna (Is there more than one to where I would need to put Huffington in parens here? Who else do you know with that name?) now gets eight hours of sleep a night and how it has changed her life. There is really no conclusion to this story, so you kind of just read that for nothing. Sorry. Do you get enough sleep? If so, how? I'm open.

I was whining to Amber over my cubicle wall just now and she graciously pointed out that every all-nighter you pull takes a few days off your lifespan. And yes, this tangentially related comment is partly meant to paint the picture for doubters that Amber and I are still on good terms and that she was just away last week is all.

On the brighter — literally! brighter! — side of this week, I now have hair that I think is my aura color. My daughter Charlotte can see people's auras and says this isn't exactly the shade of mine (my aura being a darker but bright yellow, she says), but I'm not sure if she was just annoyed by my continual questions when she obviously had her headphones in.

In any case: If you’re distrustful of color-based mysticism or you’re unenthused by hair color or you are bored by sleep, here are a handful of random questions you can answer below instead. Obviously — especially obvious if you're one of those folks I've known for five or however many years here, not so obvious if this is your first (WELCOME!!!!) visit — feel zero pressure to answer these questions. They’re here to unleash the excellence that is you sharing, commenting, and expressing absolutely anything in Open Thread. Don’t let anything — questions included — stand in the way of your comments.

Do you have some level of body dysmorphia disorder? (I do.)

Bernie or Hillary? (If your answer is none of the above and is Cruz or Trump or yourself or whomever, I DEFINITELY want to hear what you have to say about that also)?

What’s the weirdest app on your phone?

When is lent? Do you do lent? Should I do lent?

Do you have a favorite site for streaming TV (or movies or music)?

Is it raining outside whatever window you’re near right now?

There are no wrong answers to any of these questions, just like there’s no wrong way to comment in Open Thread. There's nothing wrong you can say. Inappropriate is great. Late is great.

You can dive right in as soon as it's live and be one of the first here to tell about your week, or you can wait until tomorrow morning. Your 5 p.m. comments are just as important as your 3 a.m. comments. Pets, relationships, shopping lists are all valid comment fodder. They all get read and considered and answered if that's what you're looking for. Open Thread is here all weekend and all week and it's all for you. Say anything anything anything at all.