Do This Don't: Wear White When You Have Your Period

Publish date:
May 17, 2011

I have never kept track of my periods. I also don't know what month or season or, often, year it is, so it's not shocking. I figure that time will take care of itself and things that need to happen will happen when they need to.

In any case, I invariably find myself wearing my whitest clothes and newest softest whitest underwear when I get my period. I like it. There's a risk-taking confidence thing that's secreted when your estrogen drops and your progesterone goes up and it makes you feel like, Who The Fuck Cares About Preserving The Whiteness Of A Pair Of Pants, I've Got More Important Things To Care About. And then you stain your pants and you do have more important things to love and it all works out. Yay for the universe!

P.S. Last night I boldly risked dropping my new iPhone 4 into the toilet bowl (at the office, if you're interested in the fact that it was in a public restroom in a place where I am supposed to be in some ways professional) to take a photo of my swirl of menstrual blood in the water, but I am not sure whether you want to see that visual so I left it out of this post. A rare stab at discretion.

P.P.S. I don't wear the white clothes on purpose. It just happens that I get my period and am wearing all white. Try it! It's fun.