Say Something Uninhibited In This Loopy Open Thread

Leave as many comments as you can -- totally out there, absolutely inhibited, or otherwise -- in this judgement free zone.
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August 21, 2015
open thread, weekend open thread, Vertigo

I've had so many little things saved up to tell you from this week and now am trying to remember what they were. Partly, I am not remembering because a weird thing happened this morning that is overshadowing them just for the moment. I could use your help with it, if you can and want to help. If not, just use this thread the way you always do so beautifully. I love you all.

Here's my thing:

I woke up this morning with a little dizzy, lightheaded kind of vertigo feeling (I've had vertigo once before and this is not quite as severe as that was) along with minor nausea. It is all worse when I turn my head to the right. When I try to walk down the street, I keep falling to the right too and people seem to be looking at me like I am drunk, because I'm about that amount of unsteady on my feet.

(One sweetheart xoJane reader with a blue fake flower in her short hair recognized me as I was coming back to my apartment just now to finish working from home. She seemed concerned about me. I thought about explaining that, while I have been drunk on the street in the middle of the day, this was not the case today. But I didn't say anything. So if you are reading this, flower girl, this is what was going on.)

Can you diagnose me? I would really appreciate it. Note to consider: someone close to me seems to be spiraling out of control and it is quite possible that the two things are related (beyond the fact that Everything Is Related), because the other time years ago that I had vertigo and was stuttering (I did stutter a few times in a meeting with Amber just now) was when an addict in my life who I was very close to started using again. So don't discount the psychosomatic when coming up with your theories, if you have any.

Have you ever been dizzy like this for an extended period of time and what caused it? What would you recommend I do/take/eat/drink/etc to help?

And now for some other questions you can answer in the comments if that topic just doesn't compel you to bother typing up a response:

Do you use kitchen products in the bathroom (including, but not limited, to oils, appliances, or flatware)?

What lube is the best lube (for whatever it is you use it for)?

Do you ever wake up with random muscle cramps in your legs (or other places)?

Was the release of the Ashley Madison client list unethical invasion or morally righteous hacktivism?

Want to talk about Mike Huckabee or Jared Fogle? (I do.)

So, to recap: Help me, update us on your week, ask each other for advice, ask us to diagnose you, state a random fact, talk about your current mood, or just type gibberish in the comments below. It's all good here.