8 Things We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment on, Including Disney's Controversial Halloween Costume

Do you think polyester pants help get rats laid? Serious question.
Publish date:
September 25, 2016

There's election stuff in this week's things-we-didn't-write-about roundup. Shocking. Even when we do write about the candidates, there's still a ton of material we don't get to give our take on, and a lot of it is pretty interesting. So even though you won't get an XO contributor's or editor's opinion on something political, we know you probably have plenty of your own opinions you might want to talk about here.

But don't worry, election-fatigued friends. We've also got celebrities not taking shit, cultural appropriation, and ever so much more to read about elsewhere (and discuss right here, of course).

The Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed Hillary Clinton for President — the first non-Republican in a century. [Cincinnati Enquirer]

Protests in Charlotte continue after video of the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott is released. [NBC News]

Jill Soloway is probably the first person to ever shout "Topple the patriarchy!" during an Emmy acceptance speech. [ET Online]

After a Disney Halloween costume depicting a character from upcoming movie Moana was called out for cultural appropriation, they've stopped selling it. [CNN Money]

Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump, even though he previously said he wouldn't. [NPR]

We mentioned this on xoVain, but in case you missed it, Gigi Hadid gave a guy an elbow to the face when he grabbed her after a fashion show in Milan. [New York Times]

Idiocracy will be shown in several movie theaters on October 4th as a way to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary — and maybe as a not-so-subtle warning this election season? [Alamo Drafthouse Cinema]

The Ig Nobel prize, a spoof of the Nobel Prize, was awarded to 10 recipients, including researchers who assessed the personalities of rocks, and a now-dead scientist who put polyester pants on rats to see how it affected their sex lives. [Improbable Research, aka Marci's new favorite website]

What news story did you obsess over this week? Did we mention it? Are you annoyed that we didn't? Any interesting news happen locally for you? Discuss it or any/all of the stories above in the comments below.