Get Whatever Off Your Chest In This Problem Solving, Crisis Averting Open Thread

What little or big thing is bugging you right now?
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December 18, 2015
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You know how this Open Thread is your place to furiously type out all your frustrations in the comfort of a community that won't judge, chuckle or shame you, or talk behind your back? (If you didn't, now you do.)

While sometimes I feel obligated to share my week-in-review with you guys, sometimes you — and I! — just have to get things off our chests or risk lashing out at our most treasured people or pets (I feel worst when my daughter gets the brunt of my bad moods and am actively trying to change that by just asking her to let me be quiet for a minute when I need to make a mood adjustment, which I usually do by thinking of something I'm grateful for). Other side-effects of not venting appropriately I've experienced over the years include breaking a blender that wasn't blending fast enough, throwing a landline phone across a bedroom, injuring myself by stomping my foot down too hard on concrete, and being impatient with practically every Uber driver (see my post on being the lowest-rated Uber passenger in all of NYC for reference).

And while I haven't done any of those things this week, I am grappling with the following very-related issues right now:

  • Over-giving and then resenting the people I've given to.
  • Generally not feeling gratitude as much as I would like to.
  • Feeling taken advantage of (as a molestation victim, this one really gets to me big time).
  • Letting little things upset me.
  • Not remembering that only the actual end of the world is the end of the world. And that the actual end of the world sounds fine anyway.
  • Being overdramatic.
  • Not being kind to myself or others.
  • Being impatient.

Why do the holidays do the opposite of making me feel grateful for every little thing?

And here are some other questions you may prefer to answer, if you want me to just take my little whine-list to my therapist instead of to you:

When was the last time you totally and utterly freaked out — in public?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen marked "vegan"?

Did you watch the final Republican debate even though you knew it would make you feel bad?

Have you ever had a work-related “reply all” email crisis?

When was the last time you went to wherever you consider home for the holidays?

Or just get right to celebrating/consoling/commiserating with/supporting each other, as you do well. Speaking of which, I miss Sue K — you?