Let Your Control Freak Flag Fly in This Very Open Thread

Here's a perfect place to talk about the things we can change, the things we can't, and how freaky we all are. Or whatever else YOU want to talk about right now.
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March 6, 2015
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As you've probably already heard, there are changes happening at xos Jane and Vain as we careen toward hopefully finalizing a sale. I'd love to tell you exactly what's going on, but I can't say much (I have bosses).

I will, of course, share with you as much as I can as soon as I can. I am really bad at this part. Charlotte can tell you. I ruin every surprise I ever try to do for her by revealing something beforehand.

The other week, I screwed up by telling her that a box was being delivered, but that I wanted her not to open it until I was there because it was a SURPRISE. So the package was delayed in transit and she spent the next weeks imagining that it was either a penny board or a new pair of Converse and was not thrilled that it was a side table for her bed.

Besides not being a great little-thing keeper (though a lifelong keeper of other people's big secrets), I'm also not good when things are out of my control. Which seems to be why:

It Happened To Me: I Have The Second Lowest Uber Rating In New York City.

Yes! That's me! It's not because I'm rude or don't tip, but because I tell each driver exactly which route I want to take, where to turn, when to change lanes, not to let other cars pass us, etc. etc. annoying-and-i-can't-stop-myself-help!-etc.

I know when I started writing this a second ago, I saw a tie- in between my need for control, my low Uber rating, and the changes that I am not able to tell you about yet, but I can't now for the life of me remember what it was. Feel free to help me out with that or answer any or all of these random questions:

What's the best graphic novel out there?

Should greek life be obliterated on college campuses?

Who did blonde better - Jared Leto or Kim Kardashian?

What should I do with all the baking soda in my apartment?

Do you use dryer sheets?

Is AHS Hotel going to be better than Freakshow?

Is the Cinderella corset a problem?

You can also: Talk to me all about our mutual woes, scoff at my death-grip on EVERYTHING in the comments, or ignore me entirely and talk amongst yourselves. Say anything you like. Say anything at all.