Congratulations! You’re The Winner Of A Brand New Open Thread!

Have you won anything lately? (That is, other than my unending love and gratitude.)
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June 27, 2014
open thread

Have you noticed that TV gameshows have pretty much been completely replaced by talent competitions and reality shows (my personal favorite -- I will watch anything reality, even if I have no interest in the subject matter -- I consider them educational!)? I know there’s an entire gameshow network, but I think it's full of the reruns from a time when gameshows were on all day long.

Like when I was a kid and my sister and I binge-watched The Price Is Right, $10,000(?) Pyramid and even one short-lived one called something like, "Whew!" Which was maybe short-lived because no one knew how to say it. One of the highlights of my whole career/life was appearing on a revived version of To Tell The Truth and having two actors stand on either side of me saying, "My name is Jane Pratt," and then that booming announcer's voice at the end, "Will the REAL Jane Pratt please stand up?" It was a proud moment for sure and my outgoing message for a while after. But no one even remembers that show now.

Ok, moving on to YOU...

What’s the last thing you won? Or have you never won anything before? You are more than welcome to brag or complain here. Or maybe you’d prefer to answer one of these questions:

  • Do you have exercise equipment in your home?
  • Why are we almost literally the last country on earth without paid maternity leave?
  • Have you ever bitten someone nonsexually?
  • Would you raise a kid in the same town you were raised?
  • Do you take pictures of your pets wearing human accessories? (And if so, obviously share.)

Those questions are just to give you ideas. You probably have plenty of ideas of your own, so go ahead and freestyle in the comments, or ask questions of your own! There’s always someone here willing to answer, and that’s why I love you.