So come say hi, or absolutely anything else you want to ask or tell in this commenting free-for-all that's all yours
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October 31, 2014
open thread, parties, cupcakes

It has really been a freakishly busy week, filled with meetings galore with everybody from Olivia to Oprah. Not really Oprah, though did I tell you about the time my assistant erased Oprah's lengthy, personal advice voicemail message to me?? And all I was left with was a sad line on my daily call list saying, "Oprah called, please return."

Well, I did have some high-powered meetings this week that were so high-powered that I am not yet even supposed to name who they were with. But I got to attend one of them in my recycled-for-four-years-in-a-row Woodland Fairy costume while sitting across from my boss in her Princess Leia costume, so that we could go trick-or-treating with our kids right after. I LOVE CANDY.

(Oh, speaking of sugar, I ate 100 grams of it in five minutes the other day and thought I would feel different after, but I didn't really. What's up? Would you say my tolerance is a bit high?)

What else? Emily and Pia both got recognized on their separate ways to my little gathering at my new apartment last weekend. And Nalay and Charlotte and Teddy (Jennifer's beautiful blonde curly-headed son) jumped on my bed and watched Batman and Robin, while a bunch of xoJaners gossiped around my brand new kitchen table, eating cheese.

Here's where I type out a few random questions for you all this week. I was going to say that they are going to tell me what kind of person you are, but really they are just random. So answer them without fear that anyone will gain any insight into the inner workings of your soul based on your answers here.

  • If you were a cupcake what flavor would you be?
  • Do you organize the cords under your desk or do you just let them get tangled?
  • Where is your favorite fast-food place to get breakfast?
  • Have you ever walked into a screen door that was closed? If so, did anybody see?
  • What is your favorite cheese?

Or don't answer those and just help each other out and be your loving selves, in the way only you do, in this sweet yet sugar-free zone.