Come Join Our Dynamic, Soothing, Never-Boring Weekend Open Thread

Please do tell me about anyone you kissed this year that you shouldn't have. Or anything intellectual you want to talk about. Or anything at all.
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January 3, 2014
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Welcome to the first weekend Open Thread of 2014. Thank you so much for all your wonderful Open Threading in 2013 and thanks MORE for still being here in this new year.

I once knew a woman who burned all of her underwear at the start of every year. I generally keep underwear until the elastic is so old that it is falling down under my pants, but I think this made her feel fresh and new, and I appreciate that. Do you have a weird New Year's ritual? I put extra emphasis on saying, "Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, tigger, tigger, tigger!" out loud when I wake up on January 1, because I think that helps bring luck for the whole year. You never know.

To get your thoughts going for this weekend, here are a few ideas:

Did you kiss someone you don't really like all that much on New Year's Eve? Or did you kiss someone you REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE KISSED? Or did you kiss your longtime partner and it just felt perfunctory? Would you rather have kissed someone else? In fact, please do tell me about anyone you kissed this year that you shouldn't have. Or anything you "shouldn't" have done, but did anyway. And who is with me in wanting to stop caring about what we "should" do?

Another idea: Are you going to try to fit more fish in your diet? Are you trying to pay more attention to whether the seafood you eat is eco-friendly? If so, there's a great app for that from Monterey Bay Aquarium. Are you actually trying to care less about what you eat? That's very valid, too, and I want to hear all about it.

I love you a ton. Enjoy your weekend.