Please Take My Clothes! Yes, You

I asked who of you wanted to take some of my (some nice, some not so nice) stuff off my hands.
Publish date:
February 24, 2012

Oh god, I am over a month late in getting back to you all on this. What can I say? Sorry. Back before the beginning of the year, I asked who of you wanted to take some of my (some nice, some not so nice) stuff off my hands, helping me feel less burdened and helping me clean out my closet at the same time. So many of you said you'd be in. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.If the 4 people below, all chosen for different reasons as you'll see, are still interested (and still among the living), write to (I'm sure Olivia will be thrilled that I just sort of randomly picked her to deal with this -- hi sweetie!). We will make a date for you to come to my apartment and take some stuff. We will have fun! We will have lunch! I won't cook it! You can pet Balloon! Charlotte probably won't let you in her room! Yay!!!! Good times!!PS When I was launching this site, someone (hi David) gave his editorial opinion that I should not allow any writers to use (or did he say abuse?) exclamation points. Clearly I didn't follow that advice. I was totally anti-exclamation-point all through Sassy and Jane magazines and never let writers use them except when we were making a statement about the over-use of them. I didn't even use them in my personal notes or letters. Then about 5 years ago I embraced the exclamation point and love it. How do you feel about them? And puns or song-titles as headlines (both of which I still have not embraced)?PPS Come visit me and get your free clothes and give them to a good cause or to your own good-cause self!PPPS I have always loved the PS.