Say Hi to Me in This Open Thread Because I've Been Internet-Lonely Since Charlotte Took Over

Use this comments section to tell me (and each other) anything your heart desires in any language you like (including dead ones).
Publish date:
February 20, 2015
open thread, Jane

This week, I relinquished control of my Instagram, Twitter, and all other social accounts to my tween (hate that word, but love the age) daughter at the very reasonable rate of $10 a day. I won't give too much away here, because, of course, this experiment is going to be its own story on the site as soon as the week is over. In the meantime, however, if you're so inclined, leave Char a comment about how much better she is at the Internet than her mom.

Or grab one or more of these questions and head on down to the comments section to answer or discuss:

What's one thing you wish had been different about this past week?

Do you attend (or host) Oscar viewing parties?

What's your favorite wear-it-until-it-smells-weird piece of clothing?

Have you ever re-worn a pair of jeans and part way through your workday realized there was a pair of old underwear in the leg? (This happened to me this week, yes.)

Have you ever used a vitamin D light?

Are you a dog person or a cat person or another animal person or none of the above? Would you admit it here if you weren't an animal person, period? This is a no-judgment comment zone, so I would say "go for it," animal haters and animal agnostics!

What was the last thing you read — be it a blog or a book or a billboard — that made you cry (or come very close to crying)?

Have a wonderful, care-free weekend and use this space as often as you want (I check in here about 20 times a weekend — you??) to get the good vibes, advice, random gifs, love, and updates you all so graciously share here!