6 Stories We Didn't Write About This Week, But That You Might Want to Comment On

Let's talk college transcripts that out convicted rapists, the newest state to get legally high in, and terrible pun-riddled sexist headlines. What do you say?
Publish date:
June 20, 2015
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The news this week continues to be flooded with Rachel Dolezol interviews, Fox News arguments about race wars vs. wars on Christians, and horrendous - and sexist - headline puns.

Most prominent in my world was the "SHAW SKANK SEX TRIANGLE" and the other "skank" pun headlines in the NY Post, all referencing the woman who helped those (hot?) prison escapees. Because Dolezol and prison escapees have gotten so much of our collective time and attention, these are six other stories that we didn't write about for various reasons, but that you might want to comment on. And I would never want to deprive you of an opportunity to share your brilliant insights into every current happening.

The most recent voices to speak up out about the horrific Charleston massacre include Rick Perry, Hillary Clinton, and Jon Stewart. [Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed, NYT]

The governor of Delaware has signed a bill to decriminalize marijuana. [The Washington Post]

In her US Vogue cover story, Cara Delevingne talks fluid sexuality, self destruction, and her amazing girlfriend, St. Vincent (!). [Daily Mail]

Brian Williams calls his repeated lying on air, a "sloppy choice of words." [Gawker]

We're (sort of) getting a woman on the $10 bill. [New York Times]

New York State is proposing legislation that would require college transcripts to disclose if a student has been found responsible for sexual assault. [Jezebel]

Which one of these stories would you have rather seen plastered all over your Facebook newsfeed this week? Or what else do you have to say about them? You can certainly do it here.