What Would Jesus Do About Cat Marnell?

Or, more important to me, what would YOU do?
Publish date:
October 25, 2012
jesus, Cat Marnell, Jane Pratt

So our old friend Cat has been wanting to keep contributing here, as you may know. She sent me a post not long ago and I have been questioning whether or not to run it (or any of her stuff) here. Any of you who followed her xoJane story know why that would be a potentially complicated question. Though maybe for you it is a very simple question -- either way, I'd like to hear what you think as you are who I do this for.

PS Do not take into account traffic/attention her posts would get -- our traffic has never been higher (woohoo and all that) and I would not be doing it for that reason.

PPS Those of you who think me using her name in this headline is also a bid for traffic/attention, see above.

So what do you think?