Shout Anything at the Top of Your (Internet) Lungs in this CAPS LOCK Friendly Open Thread!

Have something AWFUL or GLORIOUS worth yelling about? Tell me!!!
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June 19, 2015
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My week has a been a mix of incredible ups and horrible downs that I want to share with you:

ONE CUTE UP: Someone came up to me yesterday on my way to work and said, "Oh my god, are you the Jane from xoJane?" She then went on to ask me how I had gotten this great job (which it is, it is, every day, though sometimes hard, it is).

Before you roll your eyes or face palm at me telling you this, please be aware: this is the first time EVER I've been identified that way by someone approaching me, someone too young to know Sassy or Jane magazines. It was an arrival type moment for this site and it made me do a little snoopy happy dance for Amber when I got into the elevator.

ONE SUPER DEEP DOWN: I got the second most distressing text of my life on Wednesday night from an xojaner in response to some advice I had given her.

I don't want to make it worse by going into any details here, but I would feel funny not even mentioning anything about it, because it was a pivotal point in my week and makes my breath catch in my throat every time I recall it. I am so so sorry for any advice I give that does not end up helping you and I am questioning whether to continue giving advice at all.

I imagine, if you're reading this intro at all (but if you're not, I don't love you any less!), you've had a similar week of ups and downs because all weeks are up and downs and you are fully welcome to cheer, vent, or get all rage-y. What's gone on in your lives this week that has made you want to give a full-throated, full-volume, frighten-birds-out-their-trees ROAR?

Equally valid and admissible in the comments here are your answers to: What little tiny niggling, seemingly unimportant thing happened in your life this week? Or your answers to anything in between. Such as your takes on these rando questions that might help get our open thread service rolling this weekend (and yes, you can comment here throughout the weekend and there will be plenty of us still hanging around to hear you -- not everyone, but it's a fun little after-party here on Sundays and even Mondays that I always attend):

How many metaphors did I just mix in that short little INTRO? How astronomical is my electricity bill going to be if I run my air conditioner 24/7? How do you deal with that?

Do you know anyone with legit synesthesia? (I know one incredible person and my daughter has another related thing where she sees people as colors -- longer story).

Is your cell phone giving you a neurological condition?

Should we be calling the AME church massacre an act of terrorism or not?

Do you like it more when Open Thread questions are light and airy or when they're about all the darkness in our world?

Leave an up comment, a down comment, and as many ALL CAPS exclamations as you'd like. Or whatever.