Free Phone Case: Match The Owner to The Smudge Marks!

Find out how you can reap the benefits of my greasy staff (and self).
Publish date:
December 20, 2011

As we have been working out of Courtney Love's home (I know, I know, you KNOW), there has been a lot of running up and down stairs leaving laptops and phones (and for me -- glasses) behind. I got home last night with Courtney's phone instead of mine. When I turned the light on inside my apartment after pulling the phone out of my backpack, I realized that under my harsher lighting, it was obviously not my phone because our smudge patterns on the touchscreens are so different. Which is what led me to ask other xoJaners today to show their greasy-assed (and some cleaner) phones here and make up this little guessing game:

Whoever guesses whose phone is whose will win an autographed phone case from us. It will be cool-looking, I promise. And if you don't want the autographs, we won't mess up your new case with them. (And if you don't have a phone or a phone that requires a case, good for you!! I am in love with you and we will give you something even lovelier). Note: It may seem ostentatious that we all have these new iPhone 4's (except Eric, but that's another story) -- SAY Media generously provides them to us and we ravenously accept them.

The guardians of the six phones here are, in no particular order (that's your job):

Editor-in-Chief (Me)

Office Manager (Courtney Love)

Managing Editor (Emily, who hasn't actually been with us at Courtney's, but I made her show you her phone here anyway)

My Busy Executive Assistant (Bryan)

Social Media Manager (Madeline)

Beauty Person (Julie. Cat is missing here, because Cat's phone is missing -- nearly always.)

Guess away and win! Also, extra points for your reasoning behind your guesses.