Say the First Thing on Your Brilliant Mind in This Dumb-Is-Okay-Too Open Thread

What's the last nonfiction book you loved? (Please? I am about to go buy it.)
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March 25, 2016
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I'm leaving with Charlotte tomorrow for a four-day romantic getaway, which, I think, is the perfect amount of time for a worker like me to be away from work (even though Amber and I joke that some of you think I'm a figurehead and never work, period, which I think she and the XO staff would prefer, considering all my random yet frequent ideas for generating traffic, revenue, exciting new writers, recurring feature ideas, engagement, and stories that have to be written while the writer is excited about them, i.e. now, and a big boatload of etc.).

Speaking of romantic getaways, someone I've never met told my ex that I was dating a guy named Sergio and secretly meeting him to introduce him to Charlotte on this little vacation. Ha ha ha ha ha. Which one of you started that rumor?

And speaking of that, I had drinks this week with my old boss, Michelle, and someone I work with now at Time Inc., Regina, and they are trying to set me up with some dude. I told them that I hate dates and they called them a necessary evil. Which made me realize that they are only a necessary evil if your end goal is to be in a relationship. I am so happy on my own, I can't tell you. Well, with my little partner in crime, Charlotte, of course. Is it sad to you that I actually think I am not really interested in a relationship until she goes to college? And even then, if I can get a job teaching there and be her dorm mother, I would probably choose that.

After way more than enough from me here, and you really don't deserve all of it and I appreciate you hanging in here through it, rather than asking you to answer the usual random questions, I'm going to ask you for (even more) recommendations for books that I can take with me on my trip. I'm going to go to an actual bookstore in that old-fashioned way we used to do and buy up as much as I can carry to bring with me. Many of you gave me great suggestions for nonfiction books you have loved on Sunday including these two, which are already coming with me:

Boys in the Trees by Carly SimonWho Cooked the Last Supper: The Women's History of the World by Rosalind Miles

The only stipulation is that they be nonfiction, because I boringly only read nonfiction and only watch documentaries (and reality TV, duh).

Now it's time for me to stop typing and once again conquer the packing fear I have had since going away to boarding school as a teenager (I used to have to get drunk before packing to be able to get through it, which resulted in funny combinations of clothes on every trip I took). So now you all can do what you do best. Give one another updates on your lives, tell us who you're arguing with or sleeping with or texting. Good news is as welcome as bad news. One word comments are as welcome as paragraph-long manifestos. This open thread is all yours all weekend long. Fill it up however you like. And after that ridiculous writing I just did, I think I've made it very clear by example that you will not be judged, no matter what you say here.

P.S. Okay, here are four little questions to get you started, if you are having writers block:

How often do you change your sheets?

Do you love (or hate or feel indifferent to) your passport (or driver's license or school ID) photo?

What battery percentage is your phone at right now?

When was the last time you overslept?